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User-Friendly Teledentistry Platform

Our client has pioneered a user-friendly teledentistry platform that redefines dental care accessibility. This modern solution bridges the gap between patients and dental professionals, enabling personalized care from the comfort of home. By leveraging technology, the platform expands the reach of dental services and simplifies the care process, making dental health more attainable for everyone.

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Healthcare & Dental

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Exploration & Discovery,
Web & Mobile Apps development

The Challenge

The inspiration behind our client's mission was clear: to transform the traditional anxiety-ridden dental visit into a stress-free experience.

Research consistently shows that many dental consultations can be effectively conducted via video calls, eliminating the need for physical visits

With this understanding, we set out to develop an application that facilitates easy and effective virtual consultations between dentists and patients, aiming to challenge and change the conventional narrative around dental care.

Our Approach

Our journey with this project began at the drawing board, before even writing the first lines of code of what would become a novel product.

Our involvement, however, quickly transcended coding. We evolved into a full technology partner. Our relationship with our client matured into a deep, collaborative partnership, guiding the project through every stage of innovation and development.


To bring our client's vision of a user-friendly teledentistry platform to life, we meticulously curated a technology stack that balances innovation with reliability. Our goal was to create a seamless, secure, and scalable solution that could support the unique needs of both dentists and patients.

Here's a closer look at the technological foundations of this novel platform:


As a dedicated technology partner, we took the helm of the
project's technical direction, overseeing all aspects of research
and development. Over nine months of intensive R&D, we
introduced several key features that have significantly
enhanced the platform's value:

  • /01

    Streamlining consultations

    By removing non-clinical tasks from initial visits, we've made it easier for both dentists and patients to concentrate on the clinical side of consultations.

  • /02

    Enhancing efficiency

    Digital appointments save time and resources, optimizing how both dentists and patients utilize their schedules.

  • /03

    Reducing unnecessary visits

    Our client’s platform cuts down on the need for in-person visits, saving patients time and effort.

  • /04

    Improving communication

    Follow-ups, as well as pre-operative and post-operative consultations, are now seamlessly conducted online.

  • /05

    Creating a mobile workplace

    We've enabled dentists to maintain a digital connection with their patients, ensuring continuity of care and support.


Through innovative thinking and close collaboration, our client's teledentistry platform has set a new standard in dental care.

It stands as a testament to the power of technology to make healthcare more accessible and efficient.

Our work on this project underscores our commitment to creating solutions that make a profound impact on the accessibility of dental care worldwide

Amir Hosseinzadeh

Amir Hosseinzadeh

CEO, Dentify

Before starting the Dentify journey, I learned the importance of finding an IT company that could really connect with the product and understand what we wanted to do more than just build a platform or an application.

Learning about HASELT and their company culture made it very clear to me that they take pride in what they do and really stand behind the product that they develop. The whole company, from management to employees, is like a big family and you can feel it in the air. In cooperation with HASELT, we were able to create a very strong and reliable partnership with them, and their services are far from IT development.

The Dentify team is very pleased with our relationship with HASELT and naturally considers them the company of choice for future development.

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