Ad Servers &

We specialize in developing cutting-edge ad server technologies and advertising solutions, having extensive experience in creating bespoke solutions tailored to empower agencies, publishers, and advertisers to maximize their ROI, engage audiences more effectively, and harness the power of data-driven insights.

Transforming Ad Servers & Advertising
with cutting-edge software development.

Our tailored software solutions for the ad servers and advertising
industry are crafted to meet the demands of modern digital marketing.
From real-time bidding systems to audience analytics, we can
provide tools that enhance ad delivery, target precision, and
campaign performance.

Our key areas of expertise

Ad server solutions we have developed

Real-Time Bidding
(RTB) Systems

RTB systems that enable advertisers and publishers to participate in instantaneous auctions for ad impressions, optimizing ad spend and revenue with efficient, automated bid management.

Ad Performance
and Analytics Platforms

We've developed comprehensive ad performance and analytics platforms that offer real-time insights into campaign effectiveness, audience engagement, and ROI. These platforms enable advertisers to make data-driven decisions, optimizing their strategies for maximum impact.

Advertising Solutions

Programmatic advertising solutions that automate the buying and selling of ad inventory, making the process more efficient and less time-consuming. With advanced algorithms, these solutions ensure that ads reach the most relevant audience at the optimal time, maximizing campaign performance.

Audience Segmentation and
Targeting Tools

Audience segmentation and targeting tools that use sophisticated data analysis to identify distinct audience segments based on behaviors, preferences, and demographics. This enables advertisers to tailor their messaging and creative content to specific groups, enhancing engagement and conversion rates.

Why clients trust HASELT

When it comes to making business choices, the “why” is
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    Expert Guidance for Your Journey

    We simplify the complex world of digital transformation,
    offering insights that turn your big idea into a tangible

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    Agile Collaboration,
    Transparent Outcomes

    You're always in the loop with us. Our agile
    methodologies make sure flexibility and transparency
    guide the project from day one.

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    Strategic Partners in Your
    Digital Journey

    We offer more than technical skills; we're your partners
    in strategy, committed to understanding you and your

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    Passion-Fueled Results

    Your success is our success; we infuse every project
    with passion and expertise toensure it doesn't just
    launch—it excels.

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