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We look for employees people who are passionate about their craft
and want to push boundaries as much as their abilities.

Company Culture


Join a culture of collaboration where every voice matters. We go to great lengths to set you up for success from day one, and work hard to keep you connected.

Continuous Learning
and Growth

Grow personally and professionally with us through diverse learning opportunities. From workshops to hands-on projects, we support your development journey.


Achieve balance and well-being with our flexible work options and supportive environment. We empower you to thrive in both your professional and personal life.

Life at HASELT

“After being part of HASELT for a decade, I can truly say it's been more than just a job - it's been a journey alongside incredible colleagues, who are not just dedicated but also like a second family.

Working with such passionate and driven individuals has made every challenge rewarding and every success sweeter. This place isn't just where I work; it's where I've grown, laughed, and truly felt supported.”

Simona Jankovikj Jakimovska

Finance & Administration Manager, Started in 2014

“I feel privileged to work for a company that prioritizes a non-toxic culture, champions continuous growth, and genuinely cares for its people. The positive environment has fueled my personal and professional development, making it a very rewarding experience. It's not just a workplace; it's a supportive community that values both individuals and their aspirations while providing the best experiences for our clients.”

Stefan Georgievski

Staff Software Engineer, Started in 2017

“The ultimate reason I love working at HASELT is that people care. About their work, about their craft, about their coworkers and about our clients. It's this unique blend of professional dedication and personal compassion that makes it an extraordinary place to work.”

Jane Dimeski

Head of Design, Started in 2016

Benefits Package

Your best work can happen here

Wellbeing & Work-Life Balance

Hybrid work model

Work on-site or remotely without fixed days to come to the office.

Private health insurance

The company policy covers a private health insurance plan for you.

Partial coverage for family member's private health insurance

The company policy partially covers a private health insurance plan for your family.

Paid sick leave

Use these days to recover or recharge due to sudden malaise.

Additional vacation days

Activate additional paid vacation days for HASELT tenure.

Sports activities budget

Monthly budget for sports and leisure activities is available to you.

First day at school Day Off

See your child off and celebrate starting formal school education together.

Childbirth package

New baby arrivals are celebrated with a present for the mother and the baby.

Learning & Development

In-house Library

Our library offers a range of professional literature as well as fiction books.

Access to learning materials and platforms

We encourage continuous skill development and knowledge enhancement.

Financial Support

Paid parking

We refund your bill for parking if you’re commuting to the office by car.

Discount program

Vast list of companies and providers offering exclusive discounts or other forms of benefits exclusively for HASELT members.

Referral bonus

Our referral bonus program incentivizes employees to refer qualified candidates for open positions within our company.

Team Building & Events

Team lunch

Company organized lunch. A great way to have your midday break and connect with colleagues.

Team building activities

We organize two team-building events throughout the year to foster stronger bonds and enhance collaboration among team members.

Monthly hangouts

We organize these events as gatherings and opportunities to meet with other team members.

Tenure celebrations

We celebrate and reward employees who reach significant milestones of tenure.

Hiring Process

Our hiring process begins with crafting a detailed job post that accurately reflects the role's responsibilities, qualifications, and company culture fit. We ensure that the job post is clear, informative, and resonates with the talented individuals we seek to attract.

We welcome applications through our website or email. We encourage applicants to provide comprehensive resumes, cover letters, and any additional materials relevant to the position.

Our HR team carefully reviews each application to identify potential matches for the role. We assess candidates based on their qualifications, experience, skills, and alignment with our company values. It’s important to us that every candidate feels their application is given the careful consideration it deserves.

Shortlisted candidates are invited to an initial conversation with HR, conducted either in-person or via video conference. This is an opportunity to delve into the candidate's professional background, explore their motivations and assess how their personality might complement our company culture.

Following a successful HR screening, we might ask for a role-specific assignment. This step allows candidates to demonstrate their practical skills and creativity, offering us further insights into their problem-solving abilities.

Candidates who impress us with their practical skills will then be invited to a technical interview. Here, they’ll have the chance to discuss their technical expertise in detail, through a blend of conversational questions and hands-on scenarios, illustrating how they tackle real-world problems.

The final stage of interviews focuses on ensuring a mutual fit. We delve into how candidates collaborate in teams, their leadership qualities, and how closely their values align with our company’s mission.

Concluding the interview phase, we carefully evaluate candidates across all interactions and assessments, considering their technical skills, cultural fit, and potential to thrive and grow within our organization.

The candidate who stands out as the best fit will receive a formal job offer. This offer details the role, compensation, benefits, and any other relevant information, signifying the beginning of what we hope will be a fulfilling career journey with us.

Our aim throughout the hiring process is not just to discover individuals who are skilled but to find those who will contribute to and flourish in our company culture, sharing in our goals and successes.

Career Opportunities

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We're constantly growing and evolving, so please check back soon
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opportunities available

We're constantly growing and evolving, so please check back soon
for future opportunities to join our team!

Community Involvement

Corporate Social

Our community involvement extends beyond business goals. We’ve woven social responsibility into our corporate fabric, creating a positive ripple effect in Skopje and beyond.

We'd love to hear about you
and your business challenges

Even if you're not sure what your next step is.