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    Build product that user will love.

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    Feature prioritization for maximum impact and value.

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    Lean and Agile approach.

Design and build software
from the ground up

We can help you transform your concept into refined, market-ready
reality that redefines industry standards.

Relevant Contexts

With a comprehensive feature list and sketches in hand, the next step we can help you with is to embark on the journey of transforming these concepts into a tangible, market-ready product that addresses the needs of your users.

The journey from conception to finished product can indeed be a patient one. To expedite this process, we could consider streamlining communication between our teams, optimizing resource allocation, and implementing rapid prototyping to quickly validate ideas.

Ah, the paradox of choice! But fear not, we're well-versed in sorting priorities. To navigate this, we could adopt different methods and techniques such as Impact vs. Effort analysis, Eisenhower Matrix, and/or user feedback sessions to identify high-impact features that align with your product vision.

A miss in design can be a big miss with your audience. That's why our design practitioners dive deep into research, creating user personas, and regularly testing design iterations with real user groups that provide invaluable insights for refining your design, and enhancing its appeal.

The logic of developer's thinking is usually a good foundation for us to come on board and bring a user perspective. When it's time for design to take the wheel, our specialists slide effortlessly into your process, fine-tuning the user journey for maximum impact.

Embracing Lean and Agile principles in your product development journey can lead to remarkable results. Incorporating methods like iterative prototyping, frequent user testing, and cross-functional collaboration ensures we remain responsive, adaptable and consistently aligned with market demands.

In this fast-paced digital world, 'good enough' just doesn't cut it. We help you stay a step ahead by continually refining and innovating your user experience. With us, you're not just keeping up; you're leading.

What to expect

What we do

Design &
UX Research

By combining iterative design with research we create the logic of user journeys, the structure of layouts and the interactions that make up the core of how people use the application.

In user research programs we combine quantitative and qualitative methods to discover user needs and pain points, to create models of user behavior and to provide a reliable foundation for strategic decisions.

We create interactive prototypes that capture the experience of a product module and we use behavioral measures to discover which interaction concepts bring the best results.


Service Design addresses ‘how’ an organization gets something done. The principles that are applied are Human-centered, Collaborative, Iterative, Sequential, Real, and Holistic.

Applying user-centric design approaches, we create products and services that meet the demands of your users, capitalizing on their motivations and tackling their barriers, transforming insights into evidence-backed products. Instead of guessing or assuming user needs, actual user feedback guides the product or service design. This ensures the final product is tailor-made for its intended audience, leading to increased adoption, satisfaction, and loyalty.

By continuously validating ideas and designs with actual users, teams can catch potential pitfalls before they become costly mistakes. This iterative approach means products and services are refined until they meet user needs, dramatically decreasing the chances of an unsuccessful launch.

Harnessing agile methodologies, we craft dynamic product roadmaps that don’t merely aim for a successful launch but set the stage for market leadership. Our roadmaps are engineered for scalability, guaranteeing that every development effort invested today paves the way for future growth without redundancy. We’re not just preparing you for a successful product debut; we’re architecting your long-term market leadership. Starting from low-fidelity sketches and advancing to high-fidelity interactive prototypes, these tangible representations of your product or service evolve through the testing and feedback phases. They provide stakeholders and developers with a clear vision of the final product’s design and functionality. The final prototypes are development-ready.


We take an Agile approach to streamline the right people and stack and deliver projects aligned with business goals.

Leveraging market analysis, competitive research, and user feedback, we prioritize features, plan roadmaps, and define product strategies that ensure your product meets market demands and drives user satisfaction. Our collaborative approach includes working closely with stakeholders to align product development with business objectives.

We maintain a robust documentation process throughout the project. It includes a paper trail of the system's capabilities and requirements, user documentation for proper system usage, and process documentation outlining each project step, ensuring effective workflow and progress. This comprehensive documentation strategy enhances transparency and communication while facilitating project management and future system modifications.

Why clients trust HASELT

When it comes to making business choices, the “why” is
equally as important as the “how”. See why you should choose
our team to help you perfect your ideas.

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    Expert Guidance for Your Journey

    We simplify the complex world of digital transformation,
    offering insights that turn your big idea into a tangible

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    Agile Collaboration,
    Transparent Outcomes

    You're always in the loop with us. Our agile
    methodologies make sure flexibility and transparency
    guide the project from day one.

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    Strategic Partners in Your
    Digital Journey

    We offer more than technical skills; we're your partners
    in strategy, committed to understanding you and your

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    Passion-Fueled Results

    Your success is our success; we infuse every project
    with passion and expertise toensure it doesn't just
    launch—it excels.

Dejan Vanevski
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Our collaboration with HASELT has been exceptional.
They stood by us throughout, from software development to its successful commercial launch.

Their effective communication, patience, and proactive approach ensured a seamless process. We greatly value their ongoing support and look forward to continuing our partnership daily.

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