Native Apps

Crafting immersive experiences through native app development. Our Mobile Native Apps team specializes in leveraging platform-specific languages and tools like Swift for iOS, Kotlin for Android, and integrating with native SDKs to deliver fast, responsive, and intuitive applications that provide an unmatched user experience.

Technologies we use

Dive into the technologies we use for our native app development services and find the perfect match for your project requirements and business objectives. Our experts are here to guide you through every step of the journey.

Native Apps


  • Kotlin
  • Jetpack Compose
  • Retrofit
  • ARCore
  • Room


  • Swift
  • Swift UI
  • Homekit
  • Wearables

How to choose the right technology
for your mobile app?

Selecting the appropriate technology for your mobile application is a crucial step that
significantly influences its functionality, performance, and user experience. Below are
essential factors to consider when choosing the most fitting technology for your mobile app:


Project Scope and Requirements

Identify your app's specific requirements—speed, user interface complexity, device features utilization—and select a technology that meets these demands.

Security Features

Security is paramount, especially for applications handling sensitive data. Evaluate the built-in security features of the backend technologies, their known vulnerabilities, and how they are addressed by the community or vendors.

Performance and User Experience

Evaluate how the technology impacts app performance and user experience. Native technologies offer superior performance and smoother user interactions.

Integration Capabilities

Check compatibility with essential services and backend systems. Effective integration capabilities are crucial for a seamless user experience.

Development Team’s Expertise

Choose a technology that aligns with your development team's expertise. Expertise in platform-specific languages ensures efficient development and high-quality output.

Maintenance and Evolution

Assess the ease of maintaining and updating the app. Choosing technologies with ongoing support and updates contributes to the app’s longevity and relevance.

Community Support and Resources

Consider technologies supported by active communities and abundant resources. This facilitates problem-solving and accelerates development.

Why clients trust HASELT

When it comes to making business choices, the “why” is
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    Strategic Partners in Your
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    We offer more than technical skills; we're your partners
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    Passion-Fueled Results

    Your success is our success; we infuse every project
    with passion and expertise toensure it doesn't just
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