Our Story

Hi, we're HASELT

It was 2013 when Hajan Selmani embarked on a visionary journey, laying the foundation for what would become a beacon of technological innovation. Assembling a team of young, dynamic professionals united by a shared
ambition to revolutionize the world through tech, HASELT was born.

Our Mission

We are committed to delivering exceptional software development solutions that empower businesses to innovate and thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

We strive to exceed our clients' expectations by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, embracing transparency and honesty, and prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a symbiotic relationship between technology and people, where our innovative software solutions empower businesses to achieve their full potential while enhancing the lives of their employees, customers, and communities.

We strive to make life easier with technology, but do it in an authentic way that reflects our commitment to transparency, honesty, and respect.

Today, HASELT stands as a leader in software
development, design and IT consulting.

Our diverse clientele ranges from agile startups to
industry-leading corporations and innovative public
sectors across key markets such as access control
technology, healthcare, and dental.

40+ Skilled

Our small-but-mighty team is made of 40+ skilled professionals.


We've gained valuable expertise by completing over 200 diverse projects.

A Manifesto

At HASELT, we believe that software development is about more than
just writing code. It's about creating solutions that have a real impact
on people's lives and helping our clients achieve their goals.
To that end, we are committed to the following principles:

Core Values

Transparency & Honesty

We believe in being open and honest with our clients, partners, and team members. We will always communicate openly and transparently, even when it's difficult.

Trust & Care

We believe that trust is the foundation of any successful relationship. We will always act with care and empathy towards our clients and team members, and we will do our best to earn and maintain their trust.

Curiosity & Inspiration

We believe that the best solutions come from asking questions and exploring new ideas. We will approach every project with a curious and open mind, and we will inspire our clients and team members to do the same.


We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. We will treat our clients, team members, and partners with the utmost respect, regardless of their background or experience.


We believe in delivering the highest quality work possible. We will always strive for excellence in everything we do, from the code we write to the way we interact with our clients and team members.

Knowledge & Commitment

We believe in constantly learning and growing as professionals. We will invest in our own knowledge and skills, and we will be committed to helping our clients and team members do the same.

Inclusiveness & Opportunity

We believe in creating a culture of inclusiveness where everyone has the opportunity to lead, own, and take responsibility. We will actively seek out diverse perspectives and voices, and we will work to remove barriers to access and advancement for all team members.

Career Opportunities

Our people are our

Success stems from our teams, their ambition and our collective
commitment to building a better future for everyone. Come work
with our team as we shape the future of work.

Meet the Team

We care deeply about the
quality of our work

Our talented and diverse team is currently composed of 40+ people from
various backgrounds working together in a hybrid work environment.

Amina Selmani


Zoran Manevski


Bojan Veljanovski


Boban Radeski

Service Delivery Manager

Nade Todorovska

Logistics and Hygiene Technician

Ivana Gjorgievska Matevska

Service Delivery Manager

Nikola Mitev

Staff Software Engineer

Aleksandar Bogatinov

Staff Software Engineer

Simona Jankovikj Jakimovska

Finance & Administration Manager

Boris Kuzmanov

Senior Software Engineer

Jane Dimeski

Head of Design

Drilon Rexhepi

Senior Software Engineer

Dragan Dimkovikj

Senior Software Engineer

Stefan Georgievski

Staff Software Engineer

Katerina Chejkova

Senior Software Engineer

Aleksandar Jovanov

Senior Software Engineer

Aleksandar Gulevski

Software Engineer

Marija Jovanoska

Administrative Assistant

Riste Poposki

Senior Software Engineer

Tanja Simonovska

Logistics and Hygiene Technician

Dominika Karafiloska

Business Analyst

Slobodan Bulatovic

Software Engineer

Angela Najdoska

Software Engineer

Andjela Golubova

Software Engineer

Nikolaj Jantinski

Software Engineer

Kostadinka Stojanova

Software Engineer

Bojan Gjorgjioski

Senior Software Engineer

Dejan Stojkoski

Software Engineer

Daniel Simonovski

Software Engineer

Nikola Veselinovski

Software Engineer

Darko Markovski

Service Delivery Manager

Vasko Donev

Software Engineer

Albin Ibraimi

Software Engineer

Jovana Miskimovska

Software Engineer

Slobodan Janevski

Senior DevOps Engineer

Milka Jovanova

HR Specialist

Ilija Angeloski

Software Engineer

Kjamil Kakaleski

Junior Software Engineer

Bojana Popovska

Senior QA Engineer

Filip Spasovski

QA Engineer

Sofija Cvetkovska

QA Engineer

Bojan Vladov

DevOps Engineer

Elena Feneva

Software Engineer

Kosta Trpkov

Business Development Manager

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Even if you're not sure what your next step is.