Case Study

Access Control

In an age where security and convenience are a top priority, our client, a leader in innovative access control solutions, sought to redefine what it means to secure commercial enterprises, residential housing, and government facilities.

Their vision? A cloud-based access control system enabling management and monitoring of building access from anywhere, at any time. This case study explores our role in turning this ambitious vision into reality, highlighting our commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of security.

Company type

Medium Enterprise


Security & Access Control

Services provided

Web & Mobile Apps development,
Edge Computing,
Cloud infrastructure management

The Challenge

The primary challenge our client faced was evolving their traditional access control systems to a modern, cloud-based platform.

This evolution was not just about technological advancement;
it was about creating a system that could manage access rights, add new users, oversee multiple locations, and provide comprehensive reports and audits—all remote and in real time.

Our client's objective was clear, but achieving it required a technology partner with expertise in developing sophisticated, scalable software solutions.

That's where we came in, tasked with the important job of architecting and implementing a cloud-based solution that could meet these extensive requirements without disrupting the operational flow of thousands of users dependent on the system.

Our Approach

Our strategy was rooted in a deep understanding of our client's goals and the challenges unique to security and access control.

With a focus on hardware solutions that deliver sophisticated access control and seamless video integration, our client’s goal is to provide a comprehensive platform capable of managing everything from a handful of doors to comprehensive access across multiple facilities, all within a modern, cloud-based architecture.

We committed to developing a solution that will meet the immediate needs for scalability, security, and user-friendliness and set a new standard for access control technology.

By leveraging our expertise in cloud technologies, software development, and user experience design, we embarked on a collaborative journey with our client.


In the heart of this transformative project lies a strategic selection of technologies, carefully chosen to bring our client's vision to life while ensuring scalability, security, and seamless user experience.

Our technology stack is a testament to our commitment to leveraging the latest in cloud computing and software development, designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern access control systems.

Here’s a glimpse into the categories of technologies
that have been pivotal in our success:


Over five years, this partnership focused on crafting a
platform that led to significant milestones in cloud-based
access control:

  • /01

    Comprehensive security integration

    We delivered a system capable of sophisticated access management, from individual door authorization to enterprise-wide control, all powered through the cloud.

  • /02

    Intuitive operation

    The platform was designed for simplicity, ensuring that users of any technical level could manage access efficiently.

  • /03

    Cost-effective solutions

    By moving to the cloud, our client realized substantial savings and operational efficiencies, underscored by the automation of previously manual processes.

  • /04

    Streamlined maintenance

    With the system accessible via web browser and requiring minimal hardware, we significantly reduced the time and cost associated with service calls and system updates.

  • /05

    Mobile access revolution

    We integrated cutting-edge mobile credential technology, allowing users seamless entry with just their smartphones, enhancing convenience without compromising security.


Through innovative thinking and close collaboration, we helped our client achieve a groundbreaking transformation in access control.

This project met the ambitious goals set forth, demonstrating our ability to deliver complex, cloud-based solutions that drive the industry forward.

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