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Real-Time Job
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In an era where the demand for skilled talent frequently outpaces supply, our client, an innovative startup, recognized the need for a transformative solution. They envisioned a platform that could dynamically bridge the gap between job seekers and employers, facilitating real-time connections with relevant job opportunities. Embracing this vision, our team embarked on developing a solution poised to make a significant impact on the job market.

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Exploration & Discovery,
Web Application Development

The Challenge

The startup aimed to create a platform that acted as a seamless bridge between companies seeking skilled professionals and individuals in search of employment opportunities.

The challenge was two-fold:
(1) to design a system that would address the prevailing talent gap
(2) but also deliver a user-friendly experience for job seekers and company administrators alike.

The solution needed to be scalable, capable of adapting to future market changes and technological advancements.

Our Approach

Our strategy centered on crafting a technically sophisticated web application that intuitively matches job seekers’ profiles with suitable job listings in real-time — making the discovery and connection process feel almost magical.

Prioritizing usability and scalability, we set out to ensure the platform would be effortlessly navigable for both job seekers and company administrators while designed to accommodate future growth and functionality enhancements.


To transform our client's vision into a reality, we meticulously assembled a technology stack that emphasized efficiency, scalability, and user experience. Our goal was to create a web application that not only matched job seekers with opportunities in real time but also stood ready for future expansion and technological advancements.

Here's an insight into the core technologies that powered this innovative job matching platform:


The outcome of our collaboration was a robust, technically
adept web application tailored to the client's unique

The central focus was on creating a system that could match
job seeker profiles with corresponding job posts in real time,
ensuring a smooth and almost magical connection between
talent and opportunity.

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    Efficient talent matching

    Implementing a real-time matching algorithm significantly improved the platform's ability to connect job seekers with fitting opportunities, reducing the time-to-fill positions.

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    Positive user feedback

    Both job seekers and company administrators provided positive feedback on the user-friendly interface, praising the platform's simplicity and effectiveness.

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    Scalable Platform

    Designed with scalability in mind, the platform's architecture supports seamless integration of new features and updates, ensuring its long-term viability and adaptability in a dynamic job market.

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    Market Impact

    By effectively narrowing the talent gap, the solution fostered greater collaboration between employers and skilled professionals, marking a positive shift in the regional job market dynamics.


This project highlights our commitment to leveraging technology for market innovation. Through meticulous design and development, we delivered a solution that meets the current needs of the job market but also sets a foundation for future advancements.

Our client's vision of a more connected and efficient job market has been realized, fostering a landscape where opportunities and talent meet with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

Dejan Vanevski

Dejan Vanevski

Managing Partner at THRIVITY

Our collaboration with HASELT has been exceptional.
They stood by us throughout, from software development to its successful commercial launch.

Their effective communication, patience, and proactive approach ensured a seamless process. We greatly value their ongoing support and look forward to continuing our partnership daily.

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