HASELT Chess and Backgammon Tournaments

HASELT Chess and Backgammon Tournaments

During the past month and a half, our working atmosphere turned into an even more extraordinary one: you could see our colleagues concentrated faces while the opponent player makes the next move; you could hear the sound of the chess pieces hitting the board and bunch of checkers jumping over each other rushing into their final destination and the desired WIN. This is just a small illustration of how our company atmosphere looked like during HASELT Chess and Backgammon Tournaments.

Why did we do it?

We noticed how our people loved playing Chess and Backgammon during breaks or after work, so we wanted to make it more fun. :) We organized two tournaments - one in Chess and one in Backgammon. Our goal was to enable everyone to participate in something fun and engaging and to further enhance our chess and backgammon skills through games. For some of us, these Tournaments were an excellent opportunity to learn how to play the games. At the end, we wanted to find out who is going to be the best (or the luckiest) of us all and become HASELT Chess or Backgammon Tournament WINNER.

We started both Tournaments on 6th of February and today - Wednesday 15th of March we had the final games played. We’ve had a total of 12 chess and 6 backgammon participants. Each player was playing against each other Tournament participant, which made a total of 22 chess games and 15 backgammon games per person.

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Some of the statistics and fun facts summed up:

HASELT Chess Tournament:

  • Participants: 12
  • Duration: 26 days
  • Total games played: 264
  • Fun fact: People can stay still without moving any face muscle longer than 3 minutes

HASELT Backgammon Tournament:

  • Participants: 6
  • Duration: 11 days
  • Total games played: 90
  • Total trips to Mars: 7
  • Fun fact: Programmers have quite stretchy wrists

Pictures or it didn’t happen: GALLERY

It's obvious who was in charge for all these beautiful pictures. Thank you Alex!

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HASELT Chess Final was played on Wednesday, 15 March by Bojan Veljanovski and Stefan Georgievski. In an extremely exciting game, Bojan succeeded to win the finals with a score of 2:1 in games (4:2 in points) and he proudly took the first place in HASELT Chess Tournament - March 2017. Stefan and Bojan both were named HASELT Chess Masters. After the battle for 3rd and 4th place, Boban Radeski was declared HASELT Chess Expert, and Jane Dimeski took the HASELT Chess Professional title.

The final game in Backgammon was played by Ugur Unlu and Oliver Danilov. Oliver won the Backgammon Final with a score of 3:0 in games and became HASELT Backgammon Tournament Winner. Ugur was declared HASELT Backgammon Master, while Boban is definitely an Expert in Chess AND Backgammon. Petar Papalevski took the HASELT Backgammon Professional title.

And the last final ceremonial match was played between Bojan Veljanovski and Hajan Selmani for the title HASELT Chess Grand Master. Hajan remains as HASELT Chess Grand Master until the next tournament :)

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We warmly congratulate the winners and thank all loyal fans for their support! We have created special titles for all Chess and Backgammon participants and all players received symbolic awards at the end of the Tournament.

These Tournaments have shown us how important and engaging a game can be. We enjoyed the fun and excitement during the games so this turned out to be a great experience for us all. Moreover, we learned how chess can improve our software development skills and work habits. The more you play, the more you start to plan the next steps in advance. That’s how chess improves our strategic decision-making and problem-solving skills. For the final games, we used time clocks so our players had one more thing to worry about: time pressure. That’s how chess teaches us to organize our time in the most optimal way. Another important lesson we took from chess is learning from our mistakes. Last but not least, chess has improved our concentration and focus.

After this experience, we would definitely make more games and tournaments in future! :)

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