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Type of business

Question 01 / 04

Which best describes your organization?

Choose one option:

Small/Medium enterprise
Large enterprise
Individual/Personal project


Question 02 / 04

What are you aiming to achieve?

Choose one option:

I need to Develop holistic digital strategy.
Am I developing the Right things; Further develop ideas and boost innovation.
Support my strategy and execution, extend my technical capacity and digital capabilities.
Cut down cost of operation and TCO, digitize my business, automate processes.
Modernize and transform my digital landscape, enhance existing systems, migrate to cloud.
I want to enable growth, increase revenue and customer experience, develop new digital products or services.
Get business insights, analyze my business data and make the right decisions.
I want cost-efficient support for all things digital in my organization.


Question 03 / 04

What challenges are you currently facing?

Choose at least one option:

Lack of clear strategy.
Budget constrains and unclarity on overall costs, ROI.
Organizational culture and resistance to change.
Insufficient talent and skills.
Limited technical expertize.
Inability to scale digital transformation and adoption.
Data Management and Insigths.
Digital Security and Data protection.


Question 04 / 04

How would you like to collaborate?

Optional. You can select more than one:

Business Consulting & Technology Advisory
Digital Partner
Project Based collaboration
Extend delivery capacity and team augmentation
Not sure