The TED software engineers recommend their favorite TED Talks

The TED software engineers recommend their favorite TED Talks

As a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas in a form of short talks with long-lasting impact, TED is a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design meet, covering topics from science to business to global issues.

Below you can find a list of TED Talks recommended by the software engineers contributing at TED themselves:

Rajesh Rao • A Rosetta Stone for a lost language

Rajesh Rao is fascinated by "the mother of all crossword puzzles": how to decipher the 4000-year-old Indus script. He's enlisting modern computation to try to read this lost language, the key to understanding this ancient civilization.

Susan Cain • The power of introverts

In a culture where being social and outgoing are prized above all else, it can be difficult, even shameful, to be an introvert. But, as Susan Cain argues in this passionate talk, introverts bring extraordinary talents and abilities to the world, and should be encouraged and celebrated.

Jay Silver • Hack a banana, make a keyboard!

Why can't two slices of pizza be used as a slide clicker? Why shouldn't you make music with ketchup? In this charming talk, inventor Jay Silver talks about the urge to play with the world around you. He shares some of his messiest inventions, and demos MaKey MaKey, a kit for hacking everyday objects.

Danny Hillis • The Internet could crash. We need a Plan B

The Internet connects billions of people and machines; it's the backbone of modern life. But tech pioneer Danny Hillis thinks the Internet just wasn't designed to grow this big -- and he fears that one big cyber-attack or glitch could shut it down and take civilization with it. To head off a digital dark age, he sounds a clarion call to develop a Plan B: a parallel system to fall back on if -- or when -- the Internet crashes.

Mikko Hypponen • How the NSA betrayed the world's trust

Recent events have highlighted, underlined and bolded the fact that the United States is performing blanket surveillance on any foreigner whose data passes through an American entity -- whether they are suspected of wrongdoing or not. This means that, essentially, every international user of the internet is being watched, says Mikko Hypponen. An important rant, wrapped with a plea: to find alternative solutions to using American companies for the world's information needs.

Last but not least important are the TEDx events, which help share ideas in communities around the world. Our CEO, Hajan Selmani, delivered an inspiring talk on the key elements of success earlier this year.

Sharing is caring, and spreading ideas has never been easier! Thank you TED for creating this platform with such valuable insights for the communities worldwide!

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