The place where companies should be is where their customers are

The place where companies should be is where their customers are

Today, in the era of Internet, social media marketing has become a MUST for any marketer striving to bring the business to the next level. If few years ago a simple website was enough for online marketing, today it’s essential to have a company profile on some social media platform.

If we have in mind that 40% of the world population today has an internet connection (or more than 3 billion people) and that most of them have a profile on some social media platform, definitely the place where companies should be, is where their customers are.

Social media is an online place where people gather to engage, read news, hang out and share pictures, videos, articles, infographics, and other interactive digital content. As you’ve noticed, I’ve used some keywords, the most used content shared on social media through which the companies strive to go viral, engage and interact with their current or potential customers, partners, clients.Some ALT textCommonly used social media platforms in 2015

There are so many ways to get exposure today and thanks to the Internet, it’s easy like never before, but at the same time, the hardest it has ever been because everyone is there. According to some statistics, 96% of marketers use social media as a channel for marketing, hell of a competition. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Periscope, Pinterest, Medium… so many tools to share your content. But, if you learn how to use those tools, they will work and will be valuable for your marketing strategy, just be patient and test things for yourself. You can find a lot of information and research out there about the best time of day to post, how to get the most engagement or the perfect type of content. Growing your business and knowing what to do next, what works and what to avoid is hard, but, you should try and try and try and when you’ll have enough experience and connections, your knowledge, ideas, creativity will raise to the surface.

Your business and products can’t be all things to all customers. Make customers segmentation and find the social media campaign that will fit for them.

It was challenging for me as a young person with non-technical knowledge and without theoretical marketing background when I started my story in HASELT, to discover the secrets of the social media marketing, starting from the basics. For this short period, I learned a lot together with my team, to be open to change, brave to try and fail and try again and the most important, have fun in my creative world. Starting from this one, I will write blog post series about Social Media and the importance of having Social Media as one part of your Marketing Strategy, through my experience.

At the very least, social media marketing will help your company in many aspects:

  • will increase brand awareness and reputation in your community,
  • will make stronger connections with your target audience and will reach a new one,
  • will drive traffic to your website and blog,
  • will reduce marketing expenses

Till the next post, stay positive and feel free to send me your opinion on this topic, I love discussing it. :)

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