Join HASELT Summer Internship 2017

Join HASELT Summer Internship 2017

This summer you will have the opportunity to join HASELT’s Internship Program.

Internships serve as a bridge between the formal education and all industry challenges that follow and we want to continue building that bridge and meet the brightest young minds in the IT industry. We’re looking for ambitious and communicative individuals who share our values of trust, care, respect, open collaboration and continuous improvement in every segment of life, to join our Internship program for duration of 2 months (July and August 2017) on one of the open positions: Software Development Engineer Intern and UI/UX Design Intern.

Few words about us:

We are a team of 30 passionate and dedicated professionals. We work and grow together by sharing the same vision and values. We care, we listen and we act towards enabling organizations and people to get the most out of technological advancements. We believe that technology can make this world better and our people are taking care of that mission every day. We strive to be the best in everything we do and we grow stronger with helping each other. We appreciate ideas, but we love actions even more. We have launched our first Summer Internship Program last year and it has proved to be an excellent opportunity for both, us as a company and the interns as future IT professionals. Last year’s summary is: team of six interns (one of which already successfully full-time employed), one completed project from scratch, lots of technical and soft skills trainings completed and countless sport and fun moments shared together.

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Our advice to you:

If you really want to be part of our Internship story, read our application questions and answer them honestly and thoroughly. In case you have your own personal projects or work accomplished, show us your code/final product. Give us an insight into your professional achievements and contributions. Take a moment to think about your goals and expectations from this internship opportunity and share them with us. We are eager to get to know what do you expect from the Internship and to create the best possible program for you.

Hint: Show your personality. Let us get to know you better.

If you’re interested, APPLY NOW:

If the application form is not enough, share your extras on [email protected]

We accept applications until 15th May. We will organize the interview process right after. The candidates best matching our expectations will be further contacted for an interview after the submitting deadline.

As a HASELT intern, you will:

  • Learn how to deliver smart solutions using the most advanced cutting-edge technologies and practices  
  • Work on real projects using latest versions of technologies
  • Work in a team with highly experienced technical experts
  • Gain important industry experience and knowledge
  • Receive an active mentorship
  • Participate in technical and soft skills trainings
  • Takе part in company events (tech talks, team talks, games, sport activities, etc.)
  • Have a possibility for employment after finishing the program

In software development, you will work with all or some of:

  • Programming languages: C#, SQL, PHP, TypeScript, HTML, CSS
  • Development approaches: Domain Driven Design, Agile/Extreme Programming, Continuous Delivery
  • Main tech stack: ASP.NET MVC / WebAPI, RabbitMQ, Azure, Laravel, Aurelia.js
  • Database systems: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MSSQL, MySQL

In UI/UX design, you will work with:

  • Adobe tools (Photoshop, Illustrator), sketches, wireframes and prototypes to deliver final products.
  • HTML/ CSS (basic level)

We would love to hear from you.


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