HASELT in 2016

HASELT in 2016

2016 was a year of many things - changes, challenges, and opportunities. We recall HASELT’s key moments of 2016 and looking forward to new beginnings in 2017.

New office in Zurich

In February we opened HASELT office in Zurich, Switzerland, a step towards our vision, to expand our expertise in key international markets.

Hyper Arrow

In March, one more great announcement. At the end of our third year of operating on the market, except for software development and consulting services, we launched a new business line which widens the spectrum of the services we're offering to our clients. Hyper Arrow is a creative intelligence with a focus on Marketing, Branding, Design, Motion Graphics and Video.

Summer Internship Program

In the summer season, we had our first Summer Internship Program. We picked 6 candidates and created a team that worked with us for two months. Find out more about their activities in the articles and watch the video.

HASELT through numbers

We have marked a continuous growth in 2016, finishing more than 50 projects, establishing new client relations, working in more than 20 countries and our software operated in almost every country in the world. This year we were part of more than 25 local or international events, motivational speeches, tech conferences and sports events. We believe that only with supporting each other, we can grow and improve ourselves and the community. Having this in mind, we are always willing to help local events and organizations, especially when students are the main focus. We strive for increasing these numbers, especially the number of cakes. :D

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