HASELT host of the 6th Global Day of Coderetreat - Skopje

HASELT host of the 6th Global Day of Coderetreat - Skopje

With special honor, we are informing you and inviting you to participate at the 6th Global Day of Coderetreat, which will take place in HASELT offices on 22th of October.

UPDATE: No tickets left

Coderetreat is a one-day event that provides developers the opportunity for skills improvement by focusing on software development and design fundamentals. By practicing the basic principles of modular and object-oriented design, participants can improve their ability to write code that minimizes the cost of change over time. It aims to shrink the gap between the code we write under pressure of needing to deliver on time and the perfect code.

Agenda: How does it work? The Coderetreat day consists of 5-6 sessions, each session's learnings building upon previous sessions. The morning focuses on becoming comfortable with the problem domain, breaking old habits and beginning focused self-discovery. The afternoon pushes the envelope by challenging pairs to stretch their skills and understanding of abstractions, modular design and test-driven development.

Coderetreat has an established, time-tested format that is optimized for focused practice. We will be working on implementing Conway's Game of Life in 45-minute sessions. In each one, you'll pair program in whichever language you like, using whichever technologies you and your pair prefer. There will be small breaks of 15 min allowing time for retrospective and change of pairs after each session. After each session, code must be deleted, not put in a branch, not stashed, just deleted with no trace left.

Facilitator: The facilitator is an essential part of coderetreat. Once again this year, Dalibor Nasevic, Software Engineer at GoDaddy will facilitate Global Day of Coderetreat. He co-founded Macedonian Ruby User Group and facilitated several Coderetreat events. It is the job of the facilitator to help people learn as much as possible during the coderetreat, introduce the agenda, guide the pairs through each session, lead inter-session retrospectives and the closing circle.

Date and time:

Sat, October 22, 2016 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM CEST

Registration form:  The seminar is free but places are limited, so registration is required. You can register for free on Eventbrite.


HASELT offices, as shown on the map (Majakovski 2, on 2nd floor)


+389 2 3118 904

Additional info: Please bring your personal laptop.

Snacks, lunch, wi-fi and great atmosphere during the event will be provided by us.

Video explaining the format: http://coderetreat.org/about> Join us for an exciting day where not only we would practice OO software design by applying the 4 rules of simple design by Kent Beck but we would also have fun together, push ourselves to be better and learn from one another.

See you on Saturday.

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