Closing the case at the 'CASE CLOSED' Escape Room

Closing the case at the 'CASE CLOSED' Escape Room

We always like spicing up our team activities with some fun. We recently visited one of the newest escape rooms in town, where we pretty much enjoyed discovering the mysterious case of the disappeared psychiatrist.

This is not the first time visiting an escape room for our team, who enjoys this type of activities. However, this time we had 3 different groups solving the mysterious case. All of them tried finding different ways to solve the mystery and discover their way out of the room (which by the way, was pretty comfy).

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There are several reasons why we love visiting the escape rooms:

  • They boost our critical thinking;
  • We set a common goal and become extremely united throughout the game;
  • They improve our concentration and strengthen our memory;
  • They challenge different senses;
  • They distract us from our everyday routine and engage us creatively;
  • They are great for team bonding, and
  • They're FUN!

Many games make us lose the feeling of being challenged because we already know how to play them, and they become more about memorizing a routine than about critical thinking. Escape rooms have a brand-new scenario each time and they make us focus, think & cooperate all the time throughout the game.

Another great mental benefit is getting away from the screens. Most of our entertainment and work nowadays are on a computer, mobile phone or some other electronic device. Escape rooms give us a screen break while getting us to think and move.

Until the next room, Case Closed, thank you for having us!

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