2019 Summer Internship @ HASELT

2019 Summer Internship @ HASELT

We’re pleased to invite you to take part in HASELT’s Summer Internship Program 2019.

We’re looking for an ambitious and communicative individuals who shares our values of trust, care, respect, open collaboration and continuous improvement in every segment of life, to join our Internship program for duration of 2 months on one of the open positions.

We have 6 open positions:

  • 2 Web Development Interns
  • 2 Android Development Interns
  • 2 Azure Cloud Computing Interns

Period: 15 July - 15 September 2019

As an intern at HASELT, you will have the chance to work in a team and learn how to deliver smart solutions using the most advanced cutting-edge technologies and practices. You will work on a real project together with highly experienced technical experts and receive direct guidance and mentorship from them during the daily work. In addition, you will participate in many practical workshops, takе part in company events, you will learn about all aspects of the software development industry and have a possibility for employment after finishing the program.

As Web Development Intern, you will work with all or some of:

  • Languages: C#, SQL, TypeScript, HTML, SASS
  • Technologies: ASP.NET Core, xUnit, PostgreSQL, Aurelia
  • Practices: Test Driven Development, Object-Oriented Design, Continuous Delivery, Extreme Programming, Refactoring

As Android Development Intern, you will work with all or some of:

  • Languages: Java, XML
  • Technologies: Android Studio
  • Practices: Object-Oriented Design, MVP, DDD, Refactoring

As Azure Cloud Computing Intern , you will work with all or some of:

  • Languages: PowerShell, SQL, bash
  • Technologies: Azure Cloud, Azure DevOps, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Windows Server, Linux
  • Practices: ITIL, ISO 27001, Continuous Integration, Cloud Infrastructure, High availability, Infrastructure automation, Containers, Virtualization, Kanban, Risk management

If you are interested in finding out more about our previous Internship programs, you are more than welcome to visit our company blog page, with contents specifically created for sharing Internship knowledge and experiences.

The Applications are open until June 3rd - the candidates' profiles which best match our expectations will be further contacted for an interview.


If the application form is not enough, share your extras on [email protected]

Best of luck!


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