2018 Summer Internship closure @ HASELT

2018 Summer Internship closure @ HASELT

Transparency, trust and care, curiosity, knowledge and commitment – these are some of the values strongly incorporated in the HASELT’s culture, which greatly reflect the Summer Internship Program. With five Interns on board, our team hosted the Program for the third time making sure each and one of them received a top-notch mentorship from industry experts while working on a real-life project developing a software solution bottoms up.  

In addition, our group of Interns had the opportunity to obtain a valuable work experience, explore their initial career path, network with relevant professionals in the field, and learn how to work in a team, among the rest.

Sanja, Aleksandar, Boris, Teodora, and Davor joined our two-month program at the beginning of July. Read the interview below with insights on the challenges they overcame and the skill-set they developed throughout the 2018 Summer Internship Program with HASELT:

In what areas did you improve the most during this internship: both tech or non-tech related?

Davor: In code design and recognizing code smells, as well as in communication and the team-work.

Sanja: Analyzing and solving problems, writing better code, teamwork, .Net knowledge improvement, technical know-how, etc…

Boris: Tech-related: I improved in every aspect of software development. I also learned how to plan, but not over-plan, let the software integrate as the time goes by. Non-tech: improved communication, gained knowledge and wider perspectives.

Aleksandar: I can say that I improved in both areas, but mostly tech. I also got better in working with a team.

Teodora: I improved myself in many areas, such as: typescript, C#, learning how to design an API and design whole project architecture, writing cleaner code. The amazing mentors also helped me improve my communication skills, discover different ways of resolving problems and learning.

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What did you like the most about your team and team-work?

Davor: It was a nice addition to have 5 different people with 5 different views of the world and with that 5 very different opinions who in the end agreed on the same things. 

Sanja: Although we were all different as individuals, аs a team we worked great (it was really fun solving problems together), everyone was unselfish with sharing knowledge and experiences.

Aleksandar: I liked how we started to function as a team and how everyone tried to pass their knowledge to the other team members. 

Boris: What I liked the most, is that all of us had different experiences and knowledge, but we all had the same vision, the same goal of becoming experts in our field and trying to learn in every way possible.   Teodora: I enjoyed working with the team as we had great collaboration - we were helping each other and worked on each challenge together. Everybody had a passion for learning, which brought us closer together.

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What did you like the most about the Internship program?

Davor: It was nice having to figure out stuff without just being told how to do it; it was harder and I enjoyed the challenge. 

Teodora: I liked the whole program organization. Also, I am satisfied with all tech areas that we were learning and with the gained knowledge. Everything was above my expectations. Great mentorship and having the chance to ask about anything related to technology is something that impressed me the most. Mentors were right there every time, and they were not just helping us - but, they were our friends with whom we hung out and had fun with, as well.

Aleksandar: I really liked the mentorship from everybody and the team building events (breakfast/bowling/etc.). 

Sanja: Everything! Mentorship, teamwork, sharing experience, learning and trying something new every day.

What is the biggest takeaway/benefit you personally gained through this internship?

Davor: Gaining the motivation to improve my soft skills; gaining a lot of new perspectives on software development, and learning a ton of cool stuff while also boosting my confidence in regards to my current tech knowledge.

Teodora: I am not the same person as I was two months ago. Now, I have more work experience, confidence in programming, a new and improved approach for studying new technologies, and new friendships.

Boris: I'm a better developer, a better team player, a better person overall. I got more self-confidence now than ever before, and am positive that I really can accomplish the mission to become a great software engineer. Unselfishly share your knowledge whenever you can - you get what you give. Be nice, even on rough days. Listen more than you talk.

Sanja: How to learn and how to implement the solutions in real problems; I trained myself to have more patience when something is not working; I now solve problems in a more elegant way; and yet another benefit:  I was working with amazing people.

Aleksandar: The biggest takeaway for me was to read, then try (to implement it) and if it doesn't work then read some more and try again. If that fails, ask the right questions.

If you are interested in gaining essential background knowledge, mastering your technical and soft skills while building a valuable network of professionals, please make sure to follow our Social Media profiles and blog posts for up-to-date and relevant information.

***Happy beginning of the new academic year!***

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See what the Interns did throughout the 2018 Summer Internship Program in our Facebook album HERE.

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