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Welcoming HASELT Interns 2017



Starting from this Wednesday, HASELT team will be enriched with six young and talented people – our interns that have successfully enrolled in HASELT Summer Internship Program 2017. HASELT Internships cover structured learning through practice, collaborating closely with advanced professionals and trainers from our team, working on challenging projects where the final goal is to share as much as possible from our industry experience and knowledge to our interns.

This year, we have two intern positions and two dedicated mentors for our interns that will spend the following two months in working closely together with them. We also dedicate a great number of trainers for different lectures as part of our training curriculum.

Here is this year’s HASELT Interns team:

  • Ksenija Sarvanoska, Software Development Engineer Intern
  • Nenad Trajkovikj, Software Development Engineer Intern
  • Kristijan Jovev, Software Development Engineer Intern
  • Lukas Shishmish, Software Development Engineer Intern
  • Stefanija Naskova, UI/UX Design Intern
  • Milosh Sokolikj, UI/UX Design Intern
  • Bojan Veljanovski, CTO at HASELT will be Software Development Engineer Mentor.
  • Alex Yakimovski, Lead Designer at HASELT will be UI/UX Design Mentor.
  • Dushica Lazarova, People Development Manager at HASELT, will be Internship Program Coordinator.


Our Program Plan gives an initial insight into our internship practices and activities. Internships have always been a very important part of HASELT and our company vision. We will continue helping young professionals to meet all industry challenges at the beginning of their careers and еnthusiastically share our knowledge and expertise, since we believe this is the fastest and most efficient way for achieving an individual and collective growth and progress.


We would like to officially welcome our interns and wish them to have an amazing learning experience as part of HASELT Team in the following two months!