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The “Recipe” For Tough Days

The Recipe For Tough Day - Brainstorming - Monday Motivation


Have you been in a position to just want the day to be over? You know, those days when it seems like nothing is going by the plan, or one of your crucial team members got sick and you have a deadline coming soon, or simply it is a rainy day outside and you feel sleepy without being able to write a single word for a requirements specification document that needs to be done by tomorrow.

Well, you know what? We’ve all been there and coped with the situation in the end. It only takes a few good approaches, experience, and clear mind to resolve everything that comes on our way. We learn on the go, and that is the experience we get wealthier by.

One very interesting example that I recently read in the Scott Berkun’s book Making Things Happen is the one with the hospital emergency rooms. Every issue is being solved together as a team, under extensive pressure but yet lead by one rule or process called “triage”. It is a practice of prioritizing things that makes the problem-solving process much easier. I have tried it, it works!


Besides the golden “triage”, here are some additional great approaches to handle tough situations and stay positive at the same time:

  • Take a deep breath and move to a different spot from where you are at the moment. Space can act as a boundary to think straight so the mind needs to focus on different objects around you.
  • Call your team! They always have some good news to tell you about the product. Guess what? They fixed the bug from yesterday! It feels better.
  • Read a few lines from Dr. Wayne Dyer and his book “Change your thoughts – Change your life“. It’s my personal favorite and trust me, he has the best advice in the world.
  • Put on the earphones and play your favorite music. Like Donna Summer and her “move your hips” songs (ups, I told you a secret haha).


  • Focus. Focus. Focus. There is always a solution and is hiding behind the clutter of useless information.
  • You can visit the other team as they might have a few free hours to dive in and help your team. We always help each other, it is why I love everyone in HASELT (oooh you!).
  • Finally! Put everything to pause, grab your team and go for a drink. It is a refreshment before everyone can focus on getting things done on time.


Of course, you should forget about the excuses. They make things even more difficult. If you are surrounded by people that understand, empathize (like I am), then half of the problem is already solved. Enjoy your life, love what you do and respect the others around you. It is what matters the most.

I know that not all approaches will work for every one of you out there, even though they were perfect for me. And if you have something interesting to share that might work for someone else, please do! I would be happy to learn more.


Written by Elena Markovska, Project Manager at HASELT.