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Recommended tech podcasts by HASELT Team



Technology is emerging faster than ever, and staying up-to-date with everything that you are interested in is becoming harder with loads of information accessible. We are asking ourselves where to find quality content and what to choose every day. To help you out, our team compiled a list of some of the podcasts they listen to, about web development, IT, software engineering and more.

Why podcasts? They are simple radio-style audio shows, easily accessible, usually for free and provide an excellent way to consume quality information while performing daily tasks such as commuting, cleaning, or working out.

These are our recommendations:


1. CodeNewbie CodeNewebie


CodeNewbie is a community of programmers and people learning to code. On the podcast they share stories from people on their coding journey. New episodes are published every Monday.


2. This Developer’s Lifesadasd


A podcast about developers and their lives co-hosted by Rob Conery and Scott Hanselman. It’s an eye-opening podcast that deals with the personal stories in the lives of web developers.


3. Developer On Fire Developers-On-Fire


Stories from inspiring people in and around software with Dave Rael. It’s an interview podcast with inspiring and successful software professionals telling personal stories about their experiences with delivering value.


4. Software Engineering Radio se-radio


The Podcast for Professional Software Developers. In the episodes, you can hear experts from the software engineering world talking about the full range of topics that matter to professional developers.

5. Hanselminutes Hanselminutes


Hanselminutes – Fresh Air for Developers is a weekly talk show that brings interesting people together to talk about the web, culture, education, technology and more. Hosted by Scott Hanselman, this show promises fresh ideas and great people, advices, and discussions.

6. ChangelogChangelog


Changelog is a digital media company focused on telling developer-centric stories that get to the heart. A weekly podcast that shines a spotlight on the technology and people of open source. It’s about the code, the people, and the community.

7. .NET Rocks .NET-rocks


.NET Rocks! is a weekly talk show for anyone interested in programming on the Microsoft .NET platform with Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell. The shows range from introductory information to hardcore geekiness. It used to be primarily about .NET, but not it is much more diverse and covers a large variety of topics.

8. Simple Programmer simple_programmer


A short podcast that is a mix of career advice, philosophy and soft skills from successful author and software developer, John Sonmez. It’s on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, where John Sonmez answers questions, interviews guests and shares everything he knows to help you become a top performing software developer.


We hope this post will help you discover valuable podcasts, that you’ll use on your journey towards becoming a better software developer.

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