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Internship Insights: HASELT UI/UX Design Team


As a reference to our previous blog post, we would like to share what our UI/UX Design interns have to say about the Internship program with HASELT and their progress so far.

We asked our interns what was the most interesting part for them until now:

“What I found most interesting is seeing just how much I have yet to learn. There is always something new or more that I hadn’t thought of or hadn’t considered, and I like how it helps me shift my perspective on design to align more with the practical aspects and demands.” – shared Milosh. Stefanija’s answer was: “The most interesting part is my task, it’s my very first time designing an app, so it’s quite interesting for me”.

Following this, we asked how are they functioning as a team:
“When it comes to teamwork, I can mostly talk about the team consisting of the UI/UX interns and our mentor. While we are both working on the project independently, there is a constant dialog and exchange of opinions. This is especially present during our sessions with the mentor, where we’re encouraged to give observations, explain why we think something does or doesn’t work within the design and generally have a discussion about the project we’re working on. What I enjoy the most is the possibility to express our thoughts and have them be considered and valued”. – explained Milosh. “I think I am a good teammate as I want to do my best to contribute”. – said Stefanija.

They explained what was the most challenging thing they have dealt with until now:

“Possibly the most challenging thing I’ve dealt with until now is letting go of an idea or concept which I like, that simply doesn’t fit the context or demands of the project. There is a special kind of satisfaction in designing something that looks and functions well and I found it a bit challenging to let go of such designs because they aren’t right for a project. Another challenging, but definitely interesting thing was learning just how many and how specific demands there are when designing an app for a specific operating system. Besides these, there are small challenges I encounter on daily basis, some easy to deal with, others not so much, but up until now – all have been a great learning opportunity too.” explained Milosh.


The most challenging thing for Stefanija was designing the app 😛

Last but not least, we were interested what new ideas and skills have our interns learned of until this

Milosh explained his point of view: “As I mentioned in the previous question, everyday there are new learning opportunities. If I were to select just a few things however, I would start with learning a lot about how an app is designed, what the UI/UX designer has to consider and how these considerations can be put into context and an actual design. I’ve learnt how the process unfolds for an actual app, not just a glossy, stylistic exercise. And there’s the added benefit of working with a relatively novelty software and getting a jumpstart on using it. Another valuable insight was how the jobs and workloads of designers and developers are connected and how small design decisions can have a big impact on the complexity and duration of a project. I’ve also had the opportunity to glimpse into the developer side of the job and get a better idea of what their tasks entail.
Finally, I’ve also seen how much work goes into keeping a company running, especially on the
administrative and management part, and I find it very valuable to understand just how many people it
takes to bring projects and a company together.”
Stefanija’s reply was: “Regarding design, I have learned a lot about app design, UI/UX in general, I
learned a new program and that even an experienced designer can make mistakes. We are all
humans, after all” :)10

It is our extreme pleasure to work together with Milosh and Stefanija, as we are looking forward to all of the upcoming challenges we are going to meet on our way!

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Written by: Dushica Lazarova, Internship Program Coordinator