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Internship Insights: HASELT Software Development Engineering Team


As a reference to our previous blog post, we would like to share what our software development engineering interns have to say about the program and their progress so far.

We asked our interns what was the most interesting part for them until now:
“As an intern of the SDE team, I’d say that the most interesting thing would be the possibility to work on a real project with a team and see how everything is connected: from architecting the project, to designing, to building it.”- Kristijan said.



For Ksenija, it’s definitely the chance to be around amazing people. She says that she has learned loads from everyone and all of them are also very fun to be around. “The most interesting part is right now, when everything is operating, and I have a sense why it does/doesn’t work, as and we are going through the project.” said LukášNenad, on the other hand, is mostly interested in how quickly the team progresses.

Following this, we asked how are they functioning as a team:
“I think, as a team we’re functioning quite good, there are no issues between us, everyone is fun and
interesting and helpful towards the others”. – said Kristijan. “Teamwork has been fantastic. I love how we all have our own opinions and different ways of thinking, and we bring all of that to the table.”- shared Ksenija. Nenad’s reply was: “We seem to have very different personalities, but communication has not been an issue for us. We cooperate among ourselves and with others with ease”. Lukáš shared: “I would say pretty great. If any of us doesn’t get something, the others are trying to be really helpful. It is fun to share thoughts with them, and as a team we tend to also do some activities together, like playing games during lunch break.”



They explained what was the most challenging thing they have dealt with until now:
“Probably being stuck on a problem for two whole days and finding out that one line of code was causing the whole thing not to work.” – was the most challenging part for Kristijan. Ksenija’s reply was: “I have less experience than the other interns, so the most challenging issue for me was and still is not to fall behind.” For Nenad, the most challenging thing was working with multipart data for multi-media upload. Lukáš said: “In my opinion it was probably coping with some IT stuff, for instance technologies and concepts that were new for me. Otherwise everything went pretty smoothly”.



Last but not least, we were interested what new ideas and skills have our interns learned of until this
“A lot of things, especially thanks to the mentors and people here who are quite helpful. Regarding the internship, things that were unfamiliar to me, I got to learn them in a short period of time, something that would’ve taken much longer if I were learning it on my own; I learned technologies like C#, ASP.NET, Aurelia, SQL and others, but also what is Agile/Extreme development and how it helps teams grow and interact better with each other”. – shared Kristijan.

Ksenija’s response was: “I learned so much! From learning C#, Typescript, SQL… to experiencing a real
working environment. I didn’t expect to learn this much.” Here is what Lukáš  has to say: “I think I got more into OOP programming with C#, learned some stuff from Aurelia and explored Typescript. At the same time I practiced my English as well since I am in completely foreign environment.” For Nenad, the most valuable was learning how to ask questions the right way.

It is our extreme pleasure to work together with Ksenija, Nenad, Kristijan and Lukáš, as we are looking forward to all of the upcoming challenges we are going to meet on our way!

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Written by: Dushica Lazarova, Internship Program Coordinator