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HASELT Team @ Mavrovo Maximum Adventure 2017 – Photo Story



Мavrovo Maximum Adventure – A different way to experience Mavrovo and its beauties. Organized for the fourth time, this year’s Mavrovo Maximum Adventure brought together more than 400 people from more than 20 companies in one place. The event is intended for companies, to encourage networking and competitive team building through lightweight and adventure sports categories. In the two-day program from 10th to 11th of June multiple activities were held, including sports competitions, outdoor games, and music performances.

Remembering our awesome experience from last year, our team just had to take part in the event again. This year, Viktorija, Bojan, Viktor, Nikola, Petar, and Dragan represented HASELT.

The first day – dedicated to the Sport challenges, was all about enjoying the sun, having fun, challenging ourselves, and enjoying the action. Our team competed in different categories, great start was with water games – Kayaking and SUP board, next were Shooting, Archery, and Javelin and at the end, a lot of fun was with Mountain Biking and Mountain Running. It was an awesome feeling to try some of the activities for the first time and achieve great results, but also to improve the results from the last year. These are some of our exciting memories from the first day:



The second day was dedicated to the Adventure Games. Here, we took part in problem-solving games designed to test team’s strengths, resourcefulness, tactics, and agility measured throughout various games. We especially liked the Puzzle Game, where we had to put together wooden pieces and create the Mavrovo Maximum Adventure logo. Here we had the best result from all the teams. The Warrior Race was also challenging and exciting :) These are some of the moments captured by our camera:



Even though we had an agenda for this year’s Mavrovo Maximum Adventure, we expanded it by creating one for our own. Part of our team used the free time to explore the outdoors with bikes. Discovering extraordinary parts of Mavrovo and feeling the beauty of the nature around us was priceless and thrilling.



We experienced everything that Mavrovo has to offer in this period of the year. The games definitely strengthen the team spirit and taught us that cooperation is always the key to better results. Overall, the event helped us to enjoy the pressure, and most important, create lasting memories.  As Viktor says: No words can describe this adventure, you need to feel it :)

Thank you Mavrovo Maximum Adventure for making this weekend unforgettable!


Written by Viktorija Nikolovska, Marketing Specialist at HASELT.