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HASELT Sponsor @ Career Launch 2.0



“What do you want to be when you grow up?” – The answer to this and many other questions were discovered at this year’s Career Launch – a fair where you can kickoff your career in innovative startups and tech companies.

HASELT is continuously supporting career events, where young people can find countless possibilities for their future career while reaching their goals, this year as a Sponsor.

From 5th to 6th of May SWT Alumni and Youth Info Club organized the second Career Launch with an improved and enriched program. Their goal was to enable individuals to find their dream job, and companies to grow their team with talents and professionals which will contribute to the realization of the ideas, innovative projects, and their full development. With more than 1000 students, freelancers and professionals, a diversity of great lectures and workshops and many open positions offered by the participating companies, this year’s Career Launch definitely offered both attendees and companies many opportunities to connect with each other, share experiences and establish future cooperation.



On the first day, successful entrepreneurs and professionals from Macedonia shared their experiences, covering stories about tech and creative opportunities in Macedonia, how to find a job in a startup, how to utilize the talent when you are a freelancer and many others.

Our CEO Hajan Selmani shared his thoughts on the topic “Boost Your Career by Connecting the Dots”, including practical examples and first-hand experiences on how to set up your career path by connecting the right dots and why people, time and happiness are the keys to success in order to make the most of your career. The decisions we make shape how our career progresses and sometimes making the right step will ensure success and launch our career in the professional world.

Most of the people throughout their lives spend a significant amount of time and effort in improving their career. That’s why early decisions are important and can have a strong influence, especially in today’s competitive job market, where a university degree does not always guarantee the best job. Attending events like Career Launch can bring closer the companies, spread your horizon about the opportunities that are offered and guide your path to success.

We also shared the employment and internship opportunities at our company. Anyone interested in joining a team of young professionals in a super progressive environment can apply for:

Use these links or send us an email at careers@haselt.com.


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Written by Viktorija Nikolovska, Marketing Specialist at HASELT.