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HASELT @ Microsoft Azure Workshop


As part of the Microsoft Student Partner Program, the FINKI Tech Club held an introductory workshop to the Microsoft Azure platform. The two-day Workshop was supported by Microsoft CEE, Macedonian .NET User Group and FINKI. HASELT’s Founder and CEO held a presentation on the topic of ‘Cloud computing with Microsoft Azure’, which was later followed by the knowledge-transfer session by our engineers, Muhamed and Stefan.

Right after the opening on Day 1 of the Workshop, our CEO, Hajan Selmani, held a presentation on ‘Cloud computing with Microsoft Azure’ – Understanding the essence of Cloud computing and how can you get started with Microsoft Azure in no time. This presentation aimed to help the students easily understand the cloud concepts, as well as to see how the same function in real-life scenarios.

MAW, June 25 (15)

MAW, June 25 (16)

His presentation was later followed by a knowledge-transfer session by two of our engineers, Muhamed Isein and Stefan Georgievski, who encouraged the students to activate the Azure passes Microsoft awarded them, in order to start creating web-applications and virtual machines on the Azure portal.

Our engineers assisted the students in laying out the service plan and then created web application with a sample HTML site which was later edited, and the content was updated to the site via FTP deploy. The students were able to access their web page on the Internet through the domain previously assigned to their web application. Then, the mentored students created an ASP.NET Core application, which this time was published on the web through Visual Studio 2017.

MAW, June 25 (10)

MAW, June 25 (9)

To enrich the experience, our engineers took the opportunity to present additional options and features provided by Azure, such as: custom domains, deployment options from Github, Dropbox, VSO, deployment slots, scaling up and scaling out, load balancers, etc.    

This workshop gave the students an opportunity to create applications which reflect real-life solutions while building up their creativity, knowledge, and potential. Our team is always excited to contribute towards this kind of youth workshops, by providing our expertise, experience, and commitment on the topic delivered.

Written by Melanija Kolevska, Marketing Specialist at HASELT.