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HASELT, General sponsor @ ‘Best Manager of the Year’ Awards

best manager

This year, the Associations of Managers of Macedonia (AMM) organized the prestigious “Best Manager of the Year” Awards for the first time. The Association is an independent business organization, established in December 2015 with an aim to incite the business’ networking, as well as to educate, promote and represent the interests of the managers and Association’s members.

HASELT is already recognized as a company with a high level of corporate social responsibility, thus nurturing the community supporting & business development aspects at the same time, which is why it was excited to stand behind the event on December 21, 2017. In addition, our CEO, Hajan Selmani, presented a Certificate of Acknowledgement to one of the distinguished managers at the event, and later was contented to receive a Certificate of Appreciation himself.



The Association’s Vision is to overgrow in a leading community organization, which shall increase the level of competency and qualifications in the management. Among the rest, its Mission accounts for promotion and development of the leadership and management skills and knowledge within the companies in the country. HASELT is pleased to support both.





AMM Awards (1)


In line with the corporate contributions and previous collaboration, our team shall stand with several of the AMM’s events in the year to come, as well.

To get a better feeling of the general atmosphere at the event itself, and take a look at the awardees, follow this link.


Written by Melanija Kolevska, Marketing Specialist at HASELT.