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HASELT @ 2018 Mavrovo Maximum Adventure


If you think a ski resort in summer isn’t a wise getaway choice, think again. This year, Mavrovo Ski Centar organized one of the most challenging amateur sports events – “Mavrovo Maximum Adventure” for the fifth time. HASELT went for it.

MMA, 1

This event is intended for companies, an easy sports team-building activity with a competitive character, where teams compete in adventurous sports in order to win, or just to participate. 😉

Carried away from the previous experiences, our team just couldn’t afford to miss the event’s first jubilee.

MMA, 2

The first day was the day for stepping into the adventure – the official event start was held in the local club. The next day, was the day when our team participated in all of the sports challenges, even though the weather did not seem to be on our side.

MMA, 3

The contestants had the opportunity to compete in the following activities: calm water kayaking, archery, shooting, ground darts, caber toss, standup paddle boarding (SUP), mountain running and mountain biking.

MMA, 4

These activities were followed by a late-night party in the local club.

MMA, 5

The third and the last day was designed to improve team spirit by taking part in the Adventure Games. Even though it seemed like we had already strengthened the spirit, our team was also present on these activities, while planning another one ahead.


Yes, it seems that Mavrovo Maximum Adventure’s agenda didn’t completely exhaust our team’s athletic abilities. We had to risk going too far to possibly find out how far we can go. And trust me when I tell you, 32km of mountain biking across the lake, is far enough.

MMA, 7

Until our next adventure…

Written by Afrodita Gelebesheva, Marketing Assistant at HASELT.