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Hajan Selmani @ “Quality education for growth, achievements and better future” – UNICEF Conference

UNICEF MK in collaboration with the Social Innovation Lab, organized a three-day hackathon as part of the conference titled “Quality education for growth, achievements and better future” which gathered five teams including students, teachers, parents, programmers, designers, architects, psychologists, sociologists and others.

The goal of the education hackathon was aimed towards designing possible solutions which could respond to some of the educational challenges, which would further help improve the level of quality in the overall educational system in Macedonia.

Throughout the hackathon, all of the teams were given a mentor support from professionals and experts from different areas in accordance with the needs projected while developing the solutions.

Some of the addressed issues were: the types of tools and methods needed to be used by the teachers to improve the pupils’ personalities and values development throughout the schooling; how to help teachers keep up-to-date with the newest trends in pedagogy; how to design the inclusive classroom of the future; and of course – how can the modern technology help stimulate the students’ achievements.

This is where HASELT’s founder and CEO, Hajan Selmani, was most able to assist the groups with throughout the hackathon – by mentoring and actively guiding the participants in order to find the most suitable approaches, most effective tools, and most functional techniques to each of their proposed solutions.

As part of the hackathon, Hajan also gave a presentation titled “Product Design: Innovative Products – Practical approach” – which was followed by a vivid Q&A session actively involving the participants.

Challenging the traditional education paradigms, the five groups presented their innovative solutions on the last day, which, if further developed and implemented – may help increase the level of quality provided in the classrooms across the country.

These presentations were assessed by an international jury. As part of its distinguished members including Mr.Jovan Despotovski – the Director of the Fund for Innovations and Technical Development and Mr.Slavomir Hrushka – an Investment manager from the Slovakian Fund, Hajan provided his views and optimism in realizing the potential from the presented, thus encouraging the innovative ideas and methods.

The Conference on Quality Education was approaching its closure through a panel session where representatives from different institutions discussed how could the successful initiatives and innovations be expanded in order to achieve the desired impact on each of the children affected by the education practices in the country.


HASELT’s responsibility towards improving and developing the educational, technical, and social practices among the rest has always been highly regarded as one of the organization’s priorities. In this particular case, we certainly hope the creative thinking of everyone involved combined with the newest technologies will only help towards achieving the goal of modernizing the educational practices in Macedonia.


Written by Melanija Kolevska, Marketing Specialist at HASELT.