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Bojan Veljanovski

HASELT @ Code App, Level Up 3

“Code App, level Up 3” is a seminar and practical workshop organized by the student organization EESTEC LC Skopje, which aims to offer quality training sessions for students in two areas: Design (front-end) and Development (back-end) of web services.

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Hajan Selmani - Month of Entrepreneurship

HASELT @ Month of Entrepreneurship

Month of entrepreneurship” is an event organized to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit among students, to motivate and inspire them to turn their ideas into reality.

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What’s the secret of leading a team?

We’re surrounded by Leadership stories, which are trying to tell us “what to, and why to”, but we keep wonder how to?

No matter if you’re leading just a person or a huge team, every time a success is achieved it’s falling on the teamwork and the failure on you as a leader.

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HASELT with new offices in Zurich, Switzerland

Exciting things are keep happening here @ HASELT!

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Intelligent Web Pages

Civilization advances with teaching and its outcome is technology. Technology basically means “toys for adults” that makes people happy.

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Be descriptive, be specific, be usable – Give Feedback

If you want to improve at anything, first you need to have the will to do it and to know exactly what you are doing, and after that, open yourself up for a feedback which will help you achieve your goal and become better in what you do.

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The place where companies should be is where their customers are

The place where companies should be is where their customers are

Today, in the era of Internet, social media marketing has become a MUST for any marketer striving to bring the business to the next level. If few years ago a simple website was enough for online marketing, today it’s essential to have a company profile on some social media platform.

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Coding Dojo with TDD

A year and a half ago we started experimenting with Test Driven Development methodology in our workflow.

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Communication is a key to success

Do you wonder why? I’ll give you an insight through real-life example, but as for the wondering here is an advice: “Never stop wondering”. Now let’s go back to the subject of this blog post.

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Towards good enough code: Re-factoring a business rule check with the Specification Pattern

The other day, one of my colleagues asked me for a code review on a specific part of code that was written and I said let’s dig a little deeper into the options that we have. In this article I demonstrate the re-factoring steps in detail that we’ve taken and eventually employed the Specification Pattern. Have in mind that, I choose a very basic example in order to keep things simple and avoid confusion that can be aroused from domain complexity.

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