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Internship insights

On the half of their internship, we had Q&A session with our young and positive interns. We’ve got some interesting feedback on our questions and it’s our pleasure to share it with you. You can find out more about them and get an insight into what are they working and their experience in HASELT until now.

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WP REST API: Modifying the JSON Response

The WordPress API includes several endpoints you can use to read information from the database and use the data for different purposes. In this blog post, we will get use of the /wp-json/wp/v2/posts endpoint, which is something like running a WP_Query. It works using the four most common HTTP methods – GET, POST, PUT and DELETE, for which you will need to be authorized to work with.

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Generate route with query string in Laravel

Lately, I’ve been messing around with Laravel and while building a component for my application I’ve noticed that Laravel doesn’t generate a url with query strings. The “pretty urls” work just fine  example.com/search/term, but what I really needed in my case was url with a query string like example.com?search=term.

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“Feature Folders” structure in ASP.NET MVC

Structuring your files around business concerns is a more natural way of handling projects than structuring them around technical concerns. The Separation of Concerns is applied in both approaches, but not both of them give the same desired clarity and ease for developers. This blog post focuses on organizing MVC projects around feature folders, which represent the business concerns.

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Interns (Medium)

Introducing the interns in our Summer Internship Program

Starting from this month, we have six new people in our offices. Six talented interns that passed the process of application and enrolled in our Summer Internship Program. They were ready to make a step further in their career path and devote their free time during the summer for personal improvement in HASELT.

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Can technology solve humanity's biggest challenges

Hajan Selmani expert guest at TEDxSSSalon

Our CEO Hajan Selmani was an expert guest on the 6th and last TEDxSSSalon for this season. The discussion was dedicated to the question “Can technology solve humanity’s biggest challenges?

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HASELT @ Mavrovo Maximum Adventure 2016

It’s in our nature to love challenges and it’s especially challenging when they are not in the range of programming and we need to push out from our comfort zone. This weekend from 3rd to 5th of June, our team participated at Mavrovo Maximum Adventure, an amateur sporting event intended for companies, where teams compete in different adventure sports.

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HASELT Platinum sponsor at CodeCamp 2016

The largest and most influential community event conference in the region, CodeCamp 2016 happened again last weekend. HASELT continuously is supporting the event, this time as Platinum sponsor.

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summer-internship-haselt (Large)

Summer Internship at HASELT

This summer you can join HASELT‘s summer internship program and make a step further in your career path.

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HASELT @ Kick Off Picnic

This weekend HASELT took part at Kick Off Picnic, a one-day charity event, organized for the fourth time by SWT Alumni Macedonia.

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