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HASELT – Gender Responsible Company for 2016


HASELT has been recognized as one of the gender responsible companies in Macedonia for 2016. At the Economic Forum: Gender equal pay for higher economic growth organized by Finance Think, Economic research and policy Institute, we were awarded this prestigious recognition.

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Extensions, Visual Studio 2015

Extensions I use with Visual Studio 2015

Rich IDEs are a great asset to enhance productivity in writing and reading code.

Visual Studio 2015 as a rich IDE helps a lot when navigating through code and files, refactoring, smart searching classes/methods/properties and much more.

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New Year’s Revolution

It is the beautiful month of December and here comes the fun part: yearly wrap-ups, meeting friends, company celebrations and parties at our doorstep. And of course, the inevitable never-ending New Year’s resolutions list. In 2017 I will:

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HASELT DIGIT event Skopje


Our team was part of DIGIT (Design and Interactive Graphics in IT), an educational workshop for students in the field of design and programming.

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Joined for a common goal, this Thursday the Macedonian IT community attended IT4Charity, а musical event organized and supported by the IT companies in Macedonia, with а purpose to raise funds for the children at SOS Children’s Villages Macedonia.

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Ripples of Curiosity

Once again, we got to see the power, diversity and ripples of human thought. We saw its probing into the microscopic intricate structure of human DNA, to its interstellar travel of million light years away to a place where the very fabric of space-time is ripped and warped as two black holes are interlocked in a cosmic dance.

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Global Day of Coderetreat 2016 @ HASELT

Global Day of Coderetreat 2016 in Macedonia @ HASELT

#GDCR16 is a day for celebrating passion and software craftsmanship. This year’s event in Skopje, Macedonia was a blast! Fresh ideas, new perspectives, and great people is everything you need for such an event.

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HASELT host of the 6th Global Day of Coderetreat – Skopje

With special honor, we are informing you and inviting you to participate at the 6th Global Day of Coderetreat, which will take place in HASELT offices on 22th of October.

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Meet Our Interns

In the end of this summer season, we’re proud to announce that we’ve successfully completed this summer internship program.

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Hajan Selmani @ Preparing Global Leaders Institute

What do leaders and innovators have in common? Yesterday, our CEO Hajan Selmani had a presentation on the subject “The Future Leader” at Preparing Global Leaders Institute.

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