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2017 HASELT Internship insights


Since we are somewhere in-between the beginning and the end of our 2017 Internship Program, we are excited to share some insights from our work and progress up until this point. Six extraordinary young people have joined our HASELT Internship Team, while learning and contributing so much throughout July. This group is divided in two teams, including: the software development engineering team (Kristijan, Nenad, Ksenija and Lukáš), and the UI/UX design team (Stefanija and Milosh) – working on two different projects. We are very pleased to see how much our interns have shown interest in the ongoing activities, dealing with some exciting challenges. Below you can find a few words on our intern’s work so far from their mentors: Bojan Veljanovski, CTO at HASELT & the software development engineers’ team mentor; and Aleksandar Jakimovski, Lead Designer at HASELT & the UI/UX designers’ team mentor.

“Our awesome SDE interns team is developing a ‘people directory’ web solution, that includes features like employees contacts browsing, career tracking, skills and responsibilities, time offs reporting, events and trainings planning, etc. They are involved in the whole software development life cycle: analyzing project requirements, making development plans, implementing features, testing, and similar.

The team mainly works following the Extreme Programming agile methodology, where the greatest focus is on having short iterations, high collaboration (with mentors and themselves), automated testing, and active pair programming – all features are developed in pairs. This was one of our goals – the interns team to be able to work on a production project, so they can anticipate all the real life details that go in a production project (and it’s not just coding!).

For building it, they use the same technologies, resources, and approaches like we use for any other project in our everyday life. The general architecture is derived from Domain Driven Design practices and principles.
The team codes in C#, SQL, TypeScript, HTML and LESS. For the backend they use .NET and related OSS libraries, following the vertical sliced project structure. For database they use PostgreSql, making use of it’s JSONB capabilities thru the Marten library. For the web frontend, which is made in a single page application style, they use AureliaJS  framework. Using all these modern technologies and approaches, the team manages to build modern web applications efficiently.

Personally, I am extremely satisfied how fast the team progresses, how fast they learn and are able to take action. I’m thankful for and really appreciate their willingness and curiosity to become great engineers and even better professionals.” – said Bojan.


We were curious to find out what would our software development engineering interns have to say about their progress so far, so we asked them a few questions. Click here to know their answers.

“Our UI/UX Design team is working on building an e-Shop mobile application using Adobe XD as a primary design tool. Since the very beginning of our internship, we have faced a lot of interesting challenges, starting with using the tool itself as a very new Adobe product, still in its Beta version. Milosh and Stefanija are both working on the complete design process, starting from scratch. They were included in the initial meeting with the client; got a description of the client’s needs and requirements, and then started to work on the wireframes towards building the app.

Speaking as a mentor of the team for the past month, I am extremely happy and satisfied with how they handle all of the daily challenges; how they approach the problems; the way they are learning and already falling in love with the tool. There are two main goals to achieve with this internship: the first one – to teach our interns how does a designer function in an innovative IT company, and give them a broader perspective of what does it mean to be a designer in the first place. The second goal – to enhance their design, as well as other technical and non-technical skills; teach them practical lessons about design, and also getting Adobe XD closer to them since they would have a great benefit of the tool within the assignments they’ll be dealing with in the future.” – shared Alex.


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Our ultimate goal with this internship program is to share our knowledge and expertise as much as, and as free as we can. Other than that, we also want to trigger our intern’s curiosity and provoke their thirst for knowledge so they can continue upgrading themselves even after this internship finishes. Our interns team is getting great knowledge in software development, design practices, project flow, execution and tools – seeing the big picture of how things are functioning and how everyone’s role in one IT company is interconnected. After the internship, they will have much broader knowledge and understanding of the IT industry in general, and they will be well prepared for even more complex professional challenges in their field.


It is our extreme pleasure to work together with Ksenija, Milosh, Nenad, Kristijan, Stefanija and
Lukáš and we are looking forward to all of the upcoming challenges we are going to meet on our way!

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Written by: Dushica Lazarova, Internship Program Coordinator