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Uploading images with EXIF metadata

After reading the title, you must have told to yourself  “I’ve done this thousands of times, what could I’ve possibly done wrong?”. I know that some of you have done it right from the first time, but the others (including myself) faced some issues.

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Happy 3rd Bday HASELT

Today HASELT makes 3 years!

I’m sending this public note to express my most sincere gratitude to the best team ever for creating the most unique and amazing story.

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HASELT list of 10 book recommendations about software development

Here is a list of 10 book suggestions, shared in the past few months under the hashtag #bookrecommendation, now we are making a list of 10 books about programming and technology recommended by our team.

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Bojan Veljanovski

HASELT @ Code App, Level Up 3

“Code App, level Up 3” is a seminar and practical workshop organized by the student organization EESTEC LC Skopje, which aims to offer quality training sessions for students in two areas: Design (front-end) and Development (back-end) of web services.

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